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Submitted on
May 18, 2012


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Feature first 50 artworks - Closed

Journal Entry: Fri May 18, 2012, 9:37 AM

I wish u all best. All successful will come to you all:smooch:, you r wonderful when u give me ur sweet and very lovely supporting:blowkiss:
Art-trade/ Request: Sorry but no, I am just too busy now :heart:.


Dear all friends, :la:

As I promise, we are having another featuring today then :XD: . I am starting do it again now as we usually do together :D. Same rules as usual,
- 1 person 1 work please, you can pose other people work if you don't want to feature yourself.
- Post your work here with the THUMBNAIL please dear, not the link
- For people who doesn't know thumbnail, it's the number likes this :thumb89q34738etc: on the right artist description, under your artwork.
- You don't need to have premium account to do this (some peoples asked me).
- If you was featured last journal then please skip this one and keep space for another deviants then (but you still can featured your friend artwork). You can join next journal for sure :D.

Thanks a lot for all participates, we have more than 50 now and since it's still have some more space. I add it to 63 :D. If you can't make it, please don't be upset and wait till next featuring journal then. And now, please come and share your loves to those lovely artworks.

Fams.Collab+ A.Ghostly.Imprint by BelayaLapa[ Contest entry ] Mikomi vs. Reina by KitsuneRenaChan NorwayXReader//Northern Light
Your exams were finally over. To celebrate, your mom and dad would pay for a holiday in Norway, just for you. You were hoping you could see the Northern Lights, because you had been wanting to see them ever since you were a little kid. You had seen them on television and in books and you googled it over a thousand times. Even in your dreams, the night sky was always filled with beautiful colour.
You had been in Norway for 4 weeks now. Unfortunately, you hadn't had any luck with seeing the Northern Lights so far. Seeing them in your last week would be pretty much near impossible. And now, you had nothing else to do other than sit around and enjoy the beautiful landmass of Norway. You decided it would be time to visit the nearest lake, the Øyungen in Oslo.
When you finally reached the lake, you looked around, adoring the beautiful sight in front of you. While drifting off in space, you heard an emotionless voice asking something
"Frøken, ønsker du å se mer av innsj
NeighborsWell, I come home each night
To noises left and right
From helpless souls who just want to get out
And as they scream and shout
I tune them out and dream
For after all, things are not just what they may seem
Sometimes I feel I should intervene
But what would happen if I jump in between
Discordant minds with discordant hearts
The battlefield would rip us all apart
These walls are thin but I'll pretend they're soundproof
Nothing better than ignorance to mask the truth
I'm sorry but I can't hear you pleading
As he leaves you bruised and bleeding
And you'll cry yourself to sleep again tonight
And pretend it will be all right
When I wake up each day
The noises go away
But in silence lies a broken soul
With a heart that has gone numb and cold
It should be obvious but we're all just blind
Turn our deaf ears and leave it all behind
Sometimes I feel I should intervene
But what would happen if I jump in between
Discordant minds with discordant hearts
The battlefield would rip us all apart
School art ' v ' by Zelvii:thumb300147277:Musette by TheHiddenTalentsKairi -In your Light by Micia96Take a journey into a child-man's heart... by ForunthBlue by HattiartThe Princess by RainydaysmilesLooking Ahead by LittleMissReyaIsola di Capri 006 by SulphuricGrinWater Nymph by Art-forArts-SakeLeorich by JBeanSVPhoenix Wishes by MousenibblesDefine Dancing by kaorimaruThe Fool by Joyfooljollyfish by kajalla20% cooler by CorrsollaRobotRose by NekkohimeDragon Egg by psyAleraMayoi :at: by calendae I string Hope along
I string people's hopes along on strings, tying them up in helpless tangles of
But then I meet you and I know, suddenly, what it is to have
        Hope, like a
                small seed rising from the ashes, or
                        maybe a small creature rising from its funeral pyre
It bursts forth in light and glory and joy, so I know
        this is what I have
Rogaczek by SolceressThe 8 of hearts by Rill-AoPKM - The Ocean by WingsieI'll Get You by Pample:thumb295840484:The Mysterious Gentleman by ddao93:thumb302026790:Penelope Re-Design Contest 2 by NekoThunderLily Couture by SakurarmarieSeeU by Eclipsing:thumb291175186::thumb280869042:The Avengers (Chibi Ver.) by mmidori31Her Secret Perch by MelodieousCuddles..? by PikacheekzLost in your eyes by EcoRuinscan i shoot him now? by izrael92Midnight Saphire Queen by GiianaNaomibatchi by NaomibatchiKai-Lea by dreamarianIPS-NPC-Katze by ffenix-novaHorned Lady by anikasgubim:thumb289141256:Ariadne by KalineReineClockwork Ballerina by HopperARTZA Subtle Colouration by clickybiroLegend of Korra: Please don't cry by FDbil:thumb294857182:Autumn by ForunthAd Astra - Colored by Mallagueta-PepperSearching the School by thepaperhatpeopleJudschak by BlackEyesSnowAngelRitsuka by Tencioxt1Stargazer by african-artist-The Mudblood and the Death Eater- by LMPandoraAlice Okai Badge 2012 by l-Blair-l.: New heights :. by VictorianPrincessHeaven's Not Enough by scorchalivesA Place just for Us by Blackchessking

Also, please don't forget to take a look of our last awesome featuring:

Thank you for taking time to read my journal:tighthug:.
Have a great day :huggle:

Commissions: Close

:bulletblack: B/w will be 30$ and 50$ for colors (non commercial purpose, if you want commercial purpose please tell me so I will give you price for it). Note me if you are interest or you can send me email at so I can give you more info:heart:.   
Sorry but personal commission is closing now. I may open it on September or end of the year/ next year. Commercial commissions are also closed.
Thank you for supporting:hug:.
:bulletred::iconeyespector: CW (pending)
:bulletblack::iconcosmicjewel: 1 colors (e) - waiting for information

Miscellaneous Info

:star:CONTEST & EVENTS:star:

If u have any contest and want to put here, just note me :) but please remember that you must have deadline for ur contest ^^

Design by super awesome & sweet shebid for me. How sweet!:happycry:. Please visit and drop her some loves and you wont regret cause she is an amazing artist herself:love:.
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alii-kintt Featured By Owner May 24, 2012
I love your work! It's so different.. People like you really inspire me! :) while trying to figure out how everything works on here (it's confusing!) your work caught my eye.. Love it..
ZilerWolf Featured By Owner May 18, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
Can anyone tell me how can I join this??:dance::dummy:
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Hellobaby Featured By Owner May 18, 2012
It was closed dear :D, please wait till next featuring.
Thank you:hug:,
ZilerWolf Featured By Owner May 19, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
Well yeah, I'll wait with patience
But do I need to do something first??:?
Hellobaby Featured By Owner May 19, 2012
nope, you dont dear :D, you just have to catch the journal on time :hug:
ZilerWolf Featured By Owner May 19, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
Ohh~ I see, thank you very very much!!!:glomp:
I will follow it~:dummy:
You're the best! I love all of your art works!!!:love:
Lovable-Yukiko Featured By Owner May 18, 2012
:thumb300257159: :D
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Wonderful feature!! :D
Takuichi Featured By Owner May 18, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
i dont get how it works here :(
ODesigner Featured By Owner May 18, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
wow, good iniciative Hellobaby. :3
i see a promising artists here.
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