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January 31, 2010


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Hi, I just want to introduce to you some very amazing artists on DA but they are not really popular (less than 30.000 pv). Yes, I know pageviews are not important but from that I can find artists who need more love :). And I am not really looking for pageviews only, I also check out how long they join DA also (ex: if they have 50k pageviews but they join DA for 5-6 years, etc…They still need more love for sure :love:). So please give them love cause they r totally deserved it:hug::hug:
Now 15 more artists to go this time :heart:. I introduce here 15 at same time only cause I don’t want to give much for you then you will be confused and some artists won’t have your attention (and it will lost its point :)).
Thanks so much for those peoples who gave me some very great suggestions of great artists, they help me a lot when I do this article :hug:. I know that DA has tons of great artists who need to be know and I will try my best to do…Don’t feel sad if you still don’t see you fav artists here…Soon they will be known…Don’t worry:hug:.

Take me home by GMBAkash Take me home 2 by GMBAkash Child labour 2 by GMBAkash Child labour 5 by GMBAkashsShipbreaking in pakistan by GMBAkash

portrait by super-ania squittology world by super-aniaaudrey's kawasaki girl by super-aniafade away by super-ania alice by super-ania

Einlee no Naiyami by CplSquee Linebeck at dock by CplSquee GUN ARM by CplSquee selfportrait by CplSquee Roliana by CplSquee

AS - A Drop of Colour by chocolatemintmilk oc being ooc ... well by chocolatemintmilkred flowers by chocolatemintmilk All our Dreams ... by chocolatemintmilk Himitsu-Good Night, Detective by chocolatemintmilk

Emoticon Starter Pack V 3.0 by Wooded-Wolf Explodicon.. Fireworks Night.. by Wooded-Wolf Me no pea D: by Wooded-Wolf The Mysterious Aether by Wooded-Wolf Yes I do thankyou.. -_- by Wooded-Wolf

princess mononoke fan art by kerko romancing nymph by kerko Morigan Fanart by kerko pepper musicstation by kerko Jack-O-Lanterns by kerko

wander by bonecui Untitled by bonecui

Centaur-Unicorn by OlayaValle tinkerbell by OlayaValle Eida by OlayaValle Autumn by OlayaValle The Dragon baby sitter by OlayaValle

El Chimera by elshazam El Samurai Dragon by elshazam el page two by elshazam conan by elshazam El Ice Explosion by elshazam

Russia X China - The Panic by yamielkk TTGL doujinshi cover by yamielkk APH Vietnam by yamielkk APH-rochu-Ivan's character CD by yamielkk APH-RC-police hug by yamielkk

Ingredients for pixelfood by Ice-Pandora Autumn Cupcake by Ice-Pandora Junkfood by Ice-Pandora 3Scoops Deluxe by Ice-Pandora Thank You by Ice-Pandora

.linger. by snyfrinx .wandering. by snyfrinx .flutter. by snyfrinx .andaria II. by snyfrinx .andaria. by snyfrinx

Mikuru by azfla-neko Catgirl and Butterfly by azfla-neko Summer Lamil and Chris by azfla-neko Amigurumi Cat by azfla-neko Kamichama Karin by azfla-neko

last rain drop by mintyy Minty and clover by mintyy pink lilly - revamped by mintyy sunflower- revamped by mintyy

:thumb127001869: :thumb139945591: Look in my eyes by krowka7 :thumb135457639: Wind with fire by krowka7

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Thanks a lot for reading, again I hope u can share your kind love to all this great artits:hug::hug:

Someone asked me that the saw some artists have some very popular artworks why they are still here in this article…Just because some of them get DD before and I always try to choose their most popular artworks to featured here:heart: Please understand that

IT WOULD BE VERY NICE IF YOU KNOW SOME GREAT ARTISTS AND FEATURE THEM OR NOT U CANT GIVE ME THEIR LINKS :D (by note me or comment on my page, I may miss your comment if you write here:hug:), that’s much help :cuddle:.
Have a nice day:sun::heart::sun:
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ice-hearted-killer Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2010   Photographer
great collection and also a great and selfless thing your doing here very good on your.
watashisukidesu Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
they are really good artist =D
wolverinegurl Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2010
<3 heart! ^-* sounds like me except im not as good. but i dont get many pageviews and i want them. im an ok artist,a good graphic designer and excellent photographer.
liark2z Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
they're all amazing! :la:
Ardanae Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2010
Great work again^^. I love finding these articles in my inbox:w00t:
Spartan0627 Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
wow, nice stuff!
variantcrafts Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2010
Nicely done feature. You made it easier to find buried talents. Not everyone would take the time to scroll through pages and galleries looking for hidden treasures. Thanks.
elshazam Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2010
'hello baby'-just wanna say a million thanks to you and to every guys here in DA.:)
melime6 Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
lovely :heart:
BattleStorm Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Is It All Right If You Feature Me? And ~Bloody-Scarlett She Has Been Here For 1 Or 2 Years" :XD:
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