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June 3, 2010


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Hi, I just want to introduce to you some very amazing artists on DA but they r not really popular (less than 30.000 pv). Yes, I know pageviews are not important but from that I can find artists who need more love :). And I am not really looking for pageviews only, I also check out how long they join DA also (ex: if they have 50k pageviews but they join DA for 5-6 years, etc…They still need more love for sure :love:). So please give them love cause they r totally deserved it:hug::hug:
Now 15 more artists to go for this time :heart:. I introduce here 15 at same time only cause I don’t want to give much for you then you will be confused and some artists won’t have your attention (and it will lost its point :)).
Thanks so much for those peoples who gave me some very great suggestions of great artists, they help me a lot when I do this article :hug:. I know that DA has tons of great artists who need to be know and I will try my best to do…Don’t feel sad if you still don’t see you fav artists here…Soon they will be known…Don’t worry:hug:.

Wind towers by gregmks Flying Castles by gregmks Lost flying throne by gregmks Jungle by gregmks Solaris Cover by gregmks

Pal by cidaq easter 08 by cidaq Fiddler and piper by cidaq Over the rooftops by cidaq War by cidaq

violet and red by Malvina-Frolova old film about your future by Malvina-Frolova freckles by Malvina-Frolova she is Autumn by Malvina-Frolova :thumb165971418:

4.:iconchocolatedecadence: They are not real, they were made from Ceramics, Pottery & Clay.
Miniature Blackforest Coups by ChocolateDecadence Miniature Pizza Slices by ChocolateDecadence Miniature Star'ucks by ChocolateDecadence Chocolate Cream Cake by ChocolateDecadence More Cupcakes by ChocolateDecadence

Tortoise and the Hare by NateHallinanArt The Mole by NateHallinanArt Polyphemus Gas Giant - Avatar by NateHallinanArt For Life by NateHallinanArt Soul Stealer by NateHallinanArt

Fallen by CelticBotan Poker Face by CelticBotan Artemis - Diana or Phoebe by CelticBotan Head-Chef by CelticBotan :thumb165938505:

What You Say? by katanimate Sweet Dreams by katanimate Mittens by katanimate If I Had a Kitten Like Her by katanimate

:thumb134300577: :thumb135820099: :thumb140240136: :thumb135819783: :thumb140436592:

Babs_Illustration by babsdraws Ginny Pin-up by babsdraws Good Morning by babsdraws Zodiac Ladies by babsdraws Glee by babsdraws

10.:iconcamxso: Great resources
Tartan Patterns by Camxso Soulful Flowers Vector Brushes by Camxso Japanese Love Song by Camxso Spring Has Sprung by Camxso Botanical Gardens by Camxso

Art Trade: Daffodil Girl by Edenized OC: I'll be your Cupid by Edenized Contest entry:Carlot by Edenized -::Chizuru::- by Edenized OCs: Mikiya and Haruna by Edenized

:thumb143624543: :thumb104034439: :thumb123970674: :thumb144988805:s:thumb156228556:

Nighty night by korvapuusti Hito-Syura by korvapuusti YuGiOh_002 by korvapuusti ANUBIS by korvapuusti Persona3 003 AkihikoSanada by korvapuusti


Male wolf front by Taseevo Tundra II by Taseevo Male wolf by Taseevo Have a cigar by Taseevo Red by Taseevo

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Thanks a lot for reading, again I hope you can share your kind love to all this great artists:hug::hug:

Someone asked me that the saw some artists have some very popular artworks why they are still here in this article…Just because some of them get DD before and I always try to choose their most popular artworks to featured here:heart: Please understand that

IT WOULD BE VERY NICE IF YOU KNOW SOME GREAT ARTISTS AND FEATURE THEM OR NOT U CANT GIVE ME THEIR LINKS :D (by note me or comment on my page, I may miss your comment if you write here:hug:), that’s much help :cuddle:.
Have a nice day:sun::heart::sun:
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AnnaFoxe Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
this is very nice, what your doing for people c:
artoftas Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
Thank you very much!!! I didn't found it.
Nice day to you!! :)
artoftas Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
Hello! Sorry for bothering. I have a qestion. Is there an option where I can recommend for daily deviaton, or you just pick them by a chance and at your likeness?
Avatarx25 Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2010
hi hello baby. Could you feature me i'm like in dire need of Money for rent and internet.

aeriia Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I recommend :iconmorisan: Not only is his coloring good, his concepts and composition are also really interesting, for example in [link] and [link]

Hope you consider featuring this artist! Even though he says he doesn't care about pageviews, I think he deserves much more attention for his unique style! : 3

Thanks, Hellobaby ^^
The-Purring-Teapot Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2010  Student General Artist
i also know two really great artists who really need more love!!!

first: :icondragonofsilverstars::bulletblack::iconetae: (she haz two acc´s)

second: :iconopaca:
eveiounc-meath Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
no one knows me XD
Hellobaby Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2010
at that time, when I featured them, not much peoples know them :)
eveiounc-meath Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
oh i thought you might have changed it because of the pageveiw numbers weren't what i though you need to get on there.
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